Essentials an Educator Should Purchase at the Teacher Supply Store

For any teacher, surviving the school year and keeping students both educated and entertained can be a challenge. Having all the right supplies on hand from September onwards can be of great help. Here are some suggestions for what any educator should be looking for on their next trip to a teacher supply store, whether that teacher supply store is located online or off:

The Basics – Even though most schools send a school supply list home to parents every summer and students should report for their first day of a new semester with a backpack full of new school supplies that are not always the case, especially at a time when some parents simply do not have the money to purchase everything on those lists at one time.

Kids, and not just the younger ones, are also often very forgetful creatures and their brand new pencils and crayons are often left on the counter at home in the rush to get out of the door. Finding a good teacher supply store that offers discount school supplies to teachers who buy things like pencils, crayons, and notebooks in bulk can mean that teachers can keep an “emergency supplies drawer” and pay just a few cents for each item in it.

Printables – There are certain printables that make a teacher’s life a little bit easier. Handing out a list of classroom rules at the start of the year gives students an idea of what is expected of them in your classroom and simple “bioforms” that ask children some basic information beyond that collected by the school office is a good way to get to know them.

Pre-printed forms of this sort can be purchased from a teacher supply store but there are also a great many places to download them from the Internet for free (or at a very low cost) as well these days.

Certificates and awards are also a good motivational tool, especially for younger students and again you can find them at your local teacher supply store or at certain sites online. In addition word-processing software like Microsoft Office and Sun Microsystems, Open Office comes with several certificate templates that can be personalized to fit a teacher’s needs and easily printed out right from the school’s own printer. Read also this article on Alternative education options.

Substitute Teacher Packs – A teacher never knows, like anyone else, when they might get sick and need a day or two off. Many teachers do have the foresight to create a substitute teacher pack at the start of the year to keep in the classroom in case of such an eventuality. Want to know if a charter school is an option for your child? Read this post.

Such packs can include class lists, simple seating charts, standard class schedules, fire drill rules, your classroom rules, office procedures, and other information that you think would make the substitute teacher’s job easier. All of it can be placed into a folder or binder from a teacher supply store and any substitute tasked with teaching your kids in your absence will be really grateful for the help. And let’s not forget the number one reason we’re doing all this: Let The Kids Play as much as they can without getting disturbed!

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