Epic Charter Schools

The mission of Epic Charter Schools is to fulfill the individual potential of all students by setting up a personalized educational plan for each individual student that is focused on family and school partnership in order to achieve the best possible student performance. Every individual employed at Epic Charter Schools is working hard every day to reach these goals.

Epic is committed to providing both students and their families with an engaging learning environment to meet the unique needs and wishes of each individual student. The foundations on which Epic Charter Schools is built are the core values of respect, honesty, tolerance, self-discipline, fairness, integrity, work ethics, responsibility, trust, and citizenship.

Epic Charter Schools provides free public preK-12 education and is funded by the School Board for Virtual Charter Schools. The schools offer educational solutions for parents and students who seek non-traditional academic settings where personalized self-paced internet-based instruction is provided.

It is the belief of Epic Charter Schools that optimal learning is possible when:

  • Students are given the chance to get instruction in a way that’s appealing to their families and themselves.
  • The curricula are self-paced to benefit all individual students.
  • Students can access the curriculum at times that are best suited for their learning styles.
  • A one-to-one approach to teaching is regarded as appropriate. Read here about some advantages of charter schools.
  • The is an emphasis on real life and context-based learning.
  • There will be supplemental enrichment via independent study, personalized instruction, apprenticeships, appropriate technology use, field trips, etc.
  • A student’s entire community is serving as a school campus.
  • Worthwhile and interesting academic opportunities are offered, so all students’interests will be addressed and stimulated.

As said before, Epic Charted Schools offers free, public, and online education for grades pre-K-12. The curricula are self-paced but, of course, within appropriate and specific guidelines. Students are not required to spend a fixed amount of time learning on a computer every day. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a big difference between homeschooling and online education at home. It is generally understood that e-learning platforms and support can be a great solution for left-behind children.

Epic Carter Schools offers two learning programs, a One-on-One program, and the Epic Learning Centers. With the One-on-One (pre-K-12) program, Epic will provide a certified teacher who will work with a student’s parent(s) to create an ILP (Individualized Learning Plan). Through the One-on-One program, students will also have access to the Epic Learning Fund ($900 per student) that can be used for purchasing the curriculum or any other education-related expenses.

The Epic Learning Centers (pre-K-5): are set up in partnership with Rose State College. This collaboration allows the school to operate Learning Centers in both Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties. State law is not allowing Epic Charter Schools to run facilities in other counties. The Tulsa and Oklahoma blended Learning Centers allow each student to work on a schedule that’s working also for parents or guardian, while at the same time a personalized learning plan can be created that will fit every individual student’s personal needs and wishes. All students have access to supervised learning activities, their online curriculum, and food services. Everything is offered under one roof while being monitored by the staff of Epic Charter Schools.