Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Kids Weight?

Research shows that kids who skip breakfast tend to weigh more than those who eat breakfast regularly. Why? Eating breakfast may help to reduce snacking and avoid overeating later in the day.

Not all breakfasts are created equal

Your kids will get more mileage from an English muffin with scrambled eggs, fruit and a cup of fat-free milk than they will from a bowl of sweetened cereal and a large glass of juice. A smart breakfast choice includes whole grains, lean protein, and some fruit or veggies.

One of my favorite breakfasts

Growing up my kids loved “The Girl-Scout Egg” have you heard of it? It’s fast and easy and a great start to a day.

Lightly butter (real butter) a piece of whole grain bread (not whole wheat, there is a big difference) both sides, place on a skillet on medium heat and grill slightly (about 1 minute), turn over then with a small round cookie cutter or something that will cut about a 2″ circle cut out the center of the bread (you can do this prior to cooking if you choose), then crack an egg into the middle of the open hole, cook to your child’s liking if they like the egg over medium you should turn the toast over to cook the other side.

While the egg is cooking, slice either a red tomato or a green tomato and grill in the skillet next to the girl-scout egg. Place over top add a glass of skim milk or vegetable juice and enjoy. Very delicious and is high in protein, fiber, and vitamin A & C from the tomato. Try it with your kids today, you will like it too!

Please leave me your idea’s for a healthy kids breakfast and I hope the teacher will not just worry about school supplies, but also help me with this quest!

The Verdict is In: Take This One All Season!

If eating fish daily isn’t your cup of tea, then popping an Omega-3 supplement daily to reap the fatty acid benefits to fortify the immune system. Omega-3′s increase the activity of phagocytes-cells that fight flu virus by eating up bacteria-according to a study by The National Institute of Human Nutrition and School of Medicine. Other research shows that omega-3s increase airflow and protect lungs from colds and respiratory infections. This affects a child’s life immensely, and the greatest impact is seen in the first five years of your child’s life.

I know what you’re saying

How am I going to get my kids to take a fish oil capsule? Well it may not be easy, but if their old enough the capsule should be fairly easy to swallow, but if their not old enough to take the supplement, then you can cut the tip off of the capsule then squeeze it into maybe yogurt or add to a fruit smoothie or maybe if you can get them to swallow it from a spoonful.

Play around with what works for your child, but it is very helpful to include this one with a quality supplement. Make sure your fish oil capsules contain purified oil with EPA and DHA.

See also my earlier post on how taking martial arts lessons can boost your kid’s self-esteem and help to cope with bullies.  Please leave me your comments and tips on how to get your kids to take their fish oil.

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